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[equinox-dev] Unable to create a platform agnostic target

In Eclipse 3.3, after I installed the RCP delta-pack, all installed plug-ins would be visible on the "Plug-ins" tab under "Preferences" -> "Plug-in Development" -> "Target Platform", including those not designated for the current os/ws/arch. In Eclipse 3.4, this list is filtered. The same seems to be true for the PluginModelManager.getActiveModels().

I just wonder if this difference is deliberate and if so, what methods I should use in order to get "all installed" plug-ins, not just the filtered ones.

The consequence at present is that when Buckminster attempts to set-up a platform agnostic workspace and is unable to find the filtered plug-ins in the target platform, it instead downloads them from the update site and imports them into the workspace. It works, but the approach taken in 3.3 with the delta-pack installed was a lot faster.

Thomas Hallgren