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[equinox-dev] mysterious problem with classloader

Hi Equinoxers,

ECF has a discovery provider that is based upon SLP (Service Locator Protocol...RFC 2608). The provider plugin depends upon/uses the java implementation of SLP called jSLP [1], originally developed by Jan Rellermeyer, who is now an ECF committer and has contributed jSLP to Orbit.

Short summary:
ECF SLP Provider (org.eclipse.ecf.provider.jslp)
depends upon: jSLP Bundle from Orbit (ch.ethz.iks.slp)
depends upon ECF Core/ECF Discovery API (org.eclipse.ecf/org.eclipse.ecf.discovery)

We seem to be having some troubles with the lazy activation of SLP provider/jSLP bundle and classload failures. The details are described in this bug and the attached M7 log:


Any thoughts about what's going on here...or thoughts about how to further diagnose? It doesn't seem to be completely deterministic.