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Re: [equinox-dev] RE: [eclipse-dev] Re: Eclipse 3.4 shape

There is no deep technical problem with the installer - we intend to continue producing it and work on improving it. This decision was really about whether we can get the necessary level of polish and testing to commit to promoting the installer as a "first class" way for the larger community to get Eclipse applications in the Ganymede release. There are various details to work out, and likely more will come up under wider testing. Prioritizing installer work against p2 capabilities exposed to end users in the platform, and p2 build and tooling support, the installer comes up less important.  We'll get it in the best shape we can for 3.4, and it will be great to have the EPP team looking into the details of creating installers for EPP packages, since this is where bundle pooling across applications really comes into play.

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[equinox-dev] RE: [eclipse-dev] Re: Eclipse 3.4 shape

I think the EPP team is interested in doing this.  Do you see any technical
reasons why it cannot be done or is this mainly a coordination/timing issue?


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> Given the load of work that the p2 team is facing, it has been decided
> to
> not promote the p2-based installer as a delivery format for 3.4.0 (we
> may
> make it early-access).
> However we will try to deliver it for 3.4.1 and get the EPP packages
> converted as well.
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