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[equinox-dev] Untangling standard and J9 CachingService bundles

Hi Martin and Equinox Aspects fans,

In the current release of Equinox Aspects the standard caching service
(bundle org.aspectj.osgi.service.caching) depends on the IBM J9 VM
(import com.ibm.oti.shared.Shared). That makes it impossible for anyone
without an IBM J9 VM installed (e.g. me) to set up a working Equinox
Aspects workspace.

What do you think about the following solution?

1. Remove the dependeny:
This is easy to do (remove Activator.shouldRegister()).
Consequence: Now we might have both CachingServices registered.

2. Use service.ranking to let the IBM J9 CachingService be used in case
of both registered.
In the Activators of the both bundles we use services properties and
give the J9 CachingService a higher service.ranking.

On the long run we also should think about service dynamics: What if
someone stops the bundles providing the used CachingService?