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[equinox-dev] [p2] Categories in Profiles / Group layers

Ciao Guys :)
Got a problem understanding something, please bear with me for not
getting the picture.
Following scenario: 
- Group the IUs by category
- Install an IU (not the category)

In this case the Profile will have lost the information about what
category the IU was in, right? (Since the IU does not contain the
category it belonged to as a property)
The only way to retain the category info would be to also install the
category which is quite doable since it is an IU itself, however, since
the relationship IU<->Category is defined using requires statements all
IUs in that category will automatically be installed as well which is
not what the user wants in my case.

Reason for me asking this is cause I'm thinking about layers of Groups
and the same questions surfaces there. Another way of defining such
hierarchies would be to store these relations in properites directly
within the IUs, however, that basically means bypassing p2 and
dependencies at all. 

A solution here could be to define such category<>IU relations as
optional and at the same time install the category along with the IU.
However, that might not make sense for you guys....

One minor thing about todays HEAD:
org.eclipse.equinox.internal.provisional.p2.engine.phases.Messages has
an incorrect BUNDLE_NAME, this one is missing a "provisional"...

So long! :)