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[equinox-dev] Eclipse buddy don't works

I have a bundle named com.compuware.alturalib containing hibernate3.jar,
with the Eclipse-BuddyPolicy: registered in the manifest 

And I have another bundle with hibernate entities plus metadata files
including hibernate.cfg.xml in the classpath. I put Eclipse-RegisterBuddy:
com.compuware.alturalib in the manifest.mf file, but when I execute the
following line from the activator of this bundle, 

Configuration config = new Configuration().configure("Hibernate.cfg.xml");

I have a 

org.hibernate.HibernateException: HrEntityHibernate.cfg.xml not found

If, always in the activator of my bundle, I execute :

		InputStream stream =

I have a full working FileInputStream. So the file is really in the
classpath of my bundle, but the other one(com.compuware.alturalib) don't see
it! What's wrong?