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[equinox-dev] [prov] p2 for starters

Hi @ll :)
We (Wind River) are evaluating the technology, can you guys help me
understand some basics?
- What's the difference between groups and categories, when should each
be used? Is it a pure UI thing?
- Is p2 allowing nested groups like these:
   - Repo
   -- Group A
   --- Group A.A
   -- Group B
	? (From looking at the admin UI I only see nested groups of the
same name showing different versions of the same group...)
- We are thinking about encrypting both the repos and the binaries, will
the framework ,either ECF or p2, help us in that? 
- Can you suggest a strategy on how to best filter a repos content, both
based on users choices and entitlement? Is there a filter layer we can
put on top of a repository or can we use special queries to achieve
this? This one revolves around reducing the available groups/categories
in the UI from the massive amount of available ones, also the user
should not see any IUs (s)he won't be allowed to use later on...
- What are "flavors"?
- Why is there a separate tooling/config-IU that actually stores the
touchpoint data?
- How will uninstall work for binary content (thinking about a zip that
gets unzipped during installation by the touchpoint and is not available
during uninstall time)? 
- Will binary content be allowed to overwrite files (e.g.: new
eclipse.exe rolling out will overwrite the original one)? Will this
render uninstall/revert impossible?
- How can we best listen to the installation process, the job framework
seems not to allow us to retrieve the "percent complete" of an
installation? This question originates from looking at our old installer
that would send us strings like these: "Installation 5% complete:
Currently installing eclipse/plugins/com.windriver.ide_3.0.0.jar", can
we hope to get the same amount of progress information from p2 and the
jobs framework?

I know, many dummy questions, sorry for that :)
Ciao, hh