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[equinox-dev] [prov] p2 contribution

The map files have been updated to fix the following bugs:

+ Bug 199806. [prov] [repo] Event for repository addition and removal
+ Bug 207220. [ui] - quick and easy ways to get an URL into the repo list
+ Bug 207678. [prov] [repo] API to cause the refresh repositories (FIXED)
+ Bug 211102. [repo] [ui] IMetadataRepositoryManager URL validation (FIXED)
+ Bug 211679. [prov] [ui] Replacement UI for extension locations (NEW)
+ Bug 215375. [prov] migrate to new signed content API (FIXED)
+ Bug 218623. [prov] Generation of product IU from product file (FIXED)
+ Bug 219477. [prov] [solver] Integrate sat4j (FIXED)
+ Bug 219605. [prov] loadRepository causes addRepository (FIXED)
+ Bug 219904. [prov] Updatesite metadatarepository doesn't use
feature/archive "url" (FIXED)
+ Bug 219957. [prov] [solver] Default CUs should be marked as non-greedy
+ Bug 221199. Prevent GC to collect artifacts being used by the running
instance (FIXED)
+ Bug 221207. Disable P2 UI fo SDK downloads that are not P2 enabled (NEW)
+ Bug 221308. Multi-threading support for site.xml update sites (FIXED)
+ Bug 221573. [reconciler] Strange file: URL in platform.xml file (NEW)
+ Bug 221584. change SDK build so p2-enabled zips are available and tested
+ Bug 221589. Merge muti-statuses from Engine (FIXED)
+ Bug 221600. Unexpected exception validating location (FIXED)
+ Bug 221698. Update site fails to install due to incorrect paths (FIXED)
+ Bug 221706. Eclipse can't start when working dir is not set to the
install folder (FIXED)
+ Bug 221709. Standalone installer wont launch on OS X (FIXED)
+ Bug 221847. building simpleconfigurator in workspace causes ant builder
error (FIXED)
+ Bug 221976. [ui] Update Sites > Add Repository dialog weirdness (FIXED)
+ Bug 222041. _provlr command throws npe if there are no repositories
The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 183399. [prov] simple configurator should find a default location for
bundles.txt (FIXED)
+ Bug 216512. [prov] Too many p2 bundles in SDK install (NEW)
+ Bug 218451. [prov] Rename API packages to provisional API (FIXED)
+ Bug 221403. Sorting the bundle info file (FIXED)
+ Bug 217682. [prov] Can't install an application that contains no source
bundles (FIXED)
+ Bug 222156. [ui] Can't add an artifact repository with the same URL than
a metadata repo (FIXED)