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[equinox-dev] Daemonize Equinox

Hi All,

        I am looking at possible methods to daemonize the equinox process. Found some indormation of how I can pre-load bundles etc, on teh Equnix QuickStart Guide, but they do not talk about a facility to daemonize the process. I was wondering whether there is any Eclipse runtime options. osgi.noShutdown, but it does not seem to be for that purpose. Is there any standard procedure to daemonize the equinox osgi runtime.? or should it be treated like any other Java Application, possibly use a Java Service Wrapper or so..

        I also read about an Headless Equinox Launcher http://willcode4beer.com/ware.jsp?set=equinoxBootstrap , but this does not seem like a standard implementation.

        Has anyone done this before..? Any inputs on how an Equinox setup should be daemonized would be truly helpful