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[equinox-dev] Cannot bind services to multiply DS factory components


I have such component descriptions:

<component name="TestService" factory="TestServiceFactory">
  <implementation class="testservice.TestServiceImpl"/>
    <provide interface="testservice.TestService"/>

<component name="TestServiceNew" factory="TestServiceNewFactory">
  <implementation class="testservicenew.TestServiceNewImpl"/>
    <provide interface="testservicenew.TestServiceNew"/>
  <reference name="TESTSERVICE"

At first I instantiate let's say five TestService components with it's factory. Then I try to instantiate two TestServiceNew components with it's factory. Everything seems OK except of one thing: all five TestService are bound to first TestServiceNew, but none of them is bound to second TestServiceNew! In log I have this warning:

WARNING 21 ComponentReference.bind(): service reference already bound: {testservicenew.TestServiceNew}={component.name=TestServiceNew, component.id=10, id=0, service.id=37}

I thinks this is happens because of DS thinks that all factory components share same reference pool or something, so there is no need to bind TestService to second instance of TestServiceNew, because they are already bound to first instance. Is this true? If it is, is there a way to override this behaviour or someway to implement such behaviour that I need?