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[equinox-dev] [prov] p2 UI prios for EclipseCon, M6, and beyond...

In the p2 call on Tuesday, Scott was asking if I had bandwidth for some service discovery UI (in particular discovering p2 repos) before EclipseCon.
I promised to make a prio list of UI work items so that I could answer that question.

Please take a look at:

I've made a pass over the UI items planned for 1.0
P0 = must have for SDK integration
P1 = must have for 1.0 (functionality)
P2 = should have for 1.0 (usability)
P3 = nice to have for 1.0 (wow factor)

- if we are forgetting any P0 items you know of, please let me know ASAP as I think we are ready (apart from responding to underlying changes that are P0)
- if you see anything missing, please add to the wiki page and report here, especially P1 items
- if you think that the priorities need to be changed, let's have that discussion on this list, or if it gets too difficult, in a p2 call. (I may not notice if you simply edit my prio list!)

An interesting scheduling thing is that EclipseCon is coming up, so working through the P1 list as our M6 plan may not be exactly what we want to do.
As you can imagine, feature completeness is not nearly as great for presentations as "wow" items. I don't want to work on too many P2 and P3 features before having confidence we can finish P1, but if we all think that the posted P1 list is complete, it looks like I could promote one or two lower prio items...

Thanks everyone,