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RE: [equinox-dev] How do I write an Application Container

 Hi Dennis,

            I tried searching the mail archives but could not find much discussion on the same. Had gone through the wiki earlier (Sorry about not mentioning earlier) Problem with that is that it is much too specific to 'Eclipse'. I was looking for a simple application where the container Implementation is also provided. In the case of the wiki, the application container implementation is again abstracted and seems to be 'org.eclipse.core.runtime.applications'. 

       Anyway thanks for your quick help. Shall post any developments.

>>> "O'Flynn, Dennis" <Dennis.OFlynn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 02/21/08 6:22 PM >>> 
Have you searched the following resources?  I found some very help
postings here that may answer your questions.
* Eclipse RCP/PDE online help (re: ext point
* Eclipse Wiki (see
* Newsgroup (eclipse.technology.equinox)

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Subject: [equinox-dev] How do I write an Application Container


    I am interested in knowing how an Application container is written.
Went through the specification, but am not really able to get a good
picture of how they are built and how they interact with each other. I
was therefore interested in knowing if there is any examples or
documentation relevant to this either on the internet / elsewhere, which
could help me.

I am looking at writing a small application instance, a descriptor for
it, and an Application Manager implementation to manage it. How is an
Application Handle retrieved and also knowing how to schedule my
application would be an added bonus..! The code snippets and details
provided in the spec, don`t seem complete.

Please excuse me for the avalanche of questions. Any help or leads would
be greatly appreciated.


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