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Re: [equinox-dev] [prov] peer-to-peer downloads (ECF)

Hi Alessandro,

Alessandro Mottadelli wrote:
thanks for the pointer and info.

To implement the described use case (all clients in the lan need to pull something from the wan) I was thinking to something different (maybe simpler?) than mirroring.
My first idea was a sort of "cooperative download", that is each client ask its peers on the lan if they are already downloading a give file from the wan and eventually waits for the file to become available on the lan.
I don't (yet) have an in-depth knowledge of ECF, but -given its scope- my hope is that this scenario could be "easily" set up.

It would not be a 'big deal' to implement what you describe using ECF. The pieces would be:

1) ECF discovery for discovering lan-based peers that implement a given service (for a service that you define)
2) ECF emote services for 'asking peers on the lan if they are already downloading a given file' and/or exchanging other meta-data.

We have recently done an example of using remote services discovered using remote services, in case you are interested:


Also there is an ongoing discussion about the remote services example on the ecf newsgroup now: news:eclipse.technology.ecf. You might also want to consider joining the ecf-dev mailing list: https://dev.eclipse.org/mailman/listinfo/ecf-dev

Does all this make sense?

Yes, indeed. Please let us know if we can help get you going. The remote services and discovery work are relatively new...although coming along now that jSLP (service locator protocol for discovery) and r-OSGi (well-known remote services impl) are in the mix. SLP is distributed with ECF M5, and r-OSGi will be also...as soon as the legal approval has been received.