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Re: [equinox-dev] [launcher] Showsplash

The native code that is showing the early splash screen does not have support to change the bitmap that is being shown.  This means that you need to wait until swt is available before it can be refreshed.  With SWT I believe changing the image is just setting the BackgroundImage on the shell.  The simplest way of contributing SWT to the splash screen is to use the workbench org.eclipse.ui.splashHandlers extension point and extend the EclipseSplashHandler class.

The only problem is that the code that handles the osgi.splashPath and searches for NL variants (Main.getSplashLocation & Main.searchForSplash) is not available available outside of Main.  You will probably have to do that search yourself.


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By using the -showsplash I can get an early splash screen. However when not using this mechanism we were able to set osgi.splashPath with a comma separated list of URLs. We still need the splash selection based on nl that we got when using osgi.splashPath. How can we get the splashpath bmp refreshed after early startup? The default behavior seems to be to continue using the early splash screen._______________________________________________
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