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[equinox-dev] [prov] Data produced from metadata generator has wrong touchpoint?

Are things in churn right now with the metadata generator?  It seems to be producing meta with the wrong touchpoint type.  Here's a snippit from the generated content.xml that I received:
<touchpoint id="null" version="0.0.0" /> 
<touchpointData size="1">
<instructions size="2">
<instruction key="uninstall">uninstallFeature(feature:${artifact},featureId:default,featureVersion:default)</instruction> 
<instruction key="install">installFeature(feature:${artifact},featureId:default,featureVersion:default)</instruction> 
As I understand it, certain instructions like installFeature and installBundle require use of the "eclipse" touchpoint.  If you run the above code, I get exceptions about unknown action (installFeature / installBundle) when it tries to execute the install phase.