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Re: [equinox-dev] is this a service tracker bug?

Which is the prime reason why you should also import your service package in A, so that it can wire to other providers if they are available.

-> richard

Jeremy Volkman wrote:

Since your service interface (IA.java) is contained within bundleA,
bundleB requires a package import from bundleA.  The effect that
you're seeing is that the old version of bundleA remains in the system
and is still used by bundleB after you call "update".  Therefore you
now have two instances of bundleA in the system: the old one, still
used by bundleB, and the new refreshed one.

Since you called 'refresh', the old bundleA was stopped, and so were
any registered services (which is why you see 'removedService').  The
new bundleA was also started, and a new IA service was registered.
However, since bundleB is still using the package import from the old
bundleA, it does not get notified of the new bundleA's service (refer
to ServiceListener vs. AllServiceListener).

Calling 'refresh' instructs the framework to perform the steps
outlined at http://www2.osgi.org/javadoc/r4/org/osgi/service/packageadmin/PackageAdmin.html#refreshPackages(org.osgi.framework.Bundle[]).
 This in turn stops bundleB, gets rid of the old bundleA and links
bundleB to the new bundleA's package source.  When bundleB is
restarted and linked to the new bundleA, it can once again see the IA

Sorry if that was a bit confusing.. maybe someone else can clarify a bit more.


On Jan 25, 2008 11:33 AM, Mark <javamark@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This is driving me mad. I have two bundles A and B. B track the service
offered by A.

However if I call update on A then I get a remove Service notification but
no add Service notification - that is until I issue a refresh command ? is
this a bug?

I have written the same simple code 10 time .. see the results.

I have attached the two bundles and the two eclipse plugin projects (as one
zip) - just in case a Eclipse/OSGi guru like yourself can figure it out?


 C:\eg>java -jar equinox.osgi.jar -console

osgi> ss

Framework is launched.

id      State       Bundle
0       ACTIVE      org.eclipse.osgi_3.4.0.v20071207

osgi> install file:bundleA_1.0.0.jar
Bundle id is 1

osgi> install file:bundleB_1.0.0.jar
Bundle id is 2

osgi> ss

Framework is launched.

id      State       Bundle
0       ACTIVE      org.eclipse.osgi_3.4.0.v20071207
1       INSTALLED   bundleA_1.0.0
2       INSTALLED   bundleB_1.0.0

osgi> start 1

osgi> start 2

osgi> stop 1

osgi> start 1

osgi> update 1
removedService <----- no add !

osgi> stop 2

osgi> start 2

osgi> refresh <- Only get add after refresh

osgi> addingService


On 25/01/2008, Neil Bartlett <njbartlett@xxxxxxxxx > wrote:
Hi Mark,

Many thanks for your kind words!

Regarding the service tracker problem... that's not the behaviour I would
expect to see, and I've just put together a small test case which prints a
message in the addingService, removedService and modifiedService methods of
the ServiceTracker. When I update the bundle that registered the service, I
see the following:
osgi> update 5
Removed service
Added service


Which seems to be the way it should work. I suggest posting a message to
the equinox-dev mailing list (
https://dev.eclipse.org/mailman/listinfo/equinox-dev) explaining the problem
in detail and including a minimal code sample that reproduces the problem.

On 25 Jan 2008, at 13:42, Mark wrote:


First off I have to thank you in a big way, because it was you articles
that got me up and running on OSGI.
I am also glad that you are putting together a book... because I was
thinking about it myself...in practice or in action!, would you like some
..Anyway the reason for this mail...

I was looking at the Listeners Considered Harmful: The "Whiteboard"
Pattern white paper, and I put together a very simple two bundle example (on
Bundle A (offers a service)
Bundle B (consumes service A, using a Service Tracker)

So far so good, and not exactly rocket science.

However this morning I discovered that if you update A - then you must
refresh A in order for B to receive the added service event.
This came as a surprise, go I Googled a while, and came up short. So I was
wondering if you had some words of widom for me on this ?
Kind Regards


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