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[equinox-dev] [prov] Updating to this week's I-build

An FYI for those self-hosting on Eclipse provisioned by p2: Due to bugs in last week's agent and end user UI, you may have trouble updating last week's build to this week's.  However, you can update successfully by first installing the agent from this week's build, and then using it up to update your main self-hosting profile. Here is roughly what I did:

 - Rename agent directory. E.g., c:\equinox.p2 -> c:\equinox.p2.old
 - Download and unzip new agent. E.g., to c:\equinox.p2
 - Copy the p2 data from the old agent to the new agent (c:\equinox.p2.old\p2 -> c:\equinox.p2\p2)
 - Launch the agent and use it to update your Eclipse SDK.

A bit complicated, but it works.