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[equinox-dev] [prov] changes in the UI

I just released a bunch of changes in the UI to support smarter and faster grouping/filtering in the "available IU" view.
In the admin UI you can now set prefs that control:
- whether latest version only of an IU is shown (if so, older versions are grouped underneath the latest...kinda weird, but lets you decide on the fly how much to see)
- whether categories should be used
These work in combination with the previous preference for showing only groups.

In the end-user UI, categories are always used, groups are always used as the filter, and the latest version is shown by default, with a preference allowing you to see all.

The element structure of the various views is radically different, and it's possible I've missed a detail regarding the adapters such that an action/prop page/etc. won't find the right model element. I tested install/update/uninstall scenarios from both UI's, but it's possible I've missed something.

I don't like to "release and run," but...
...I'm out until next week. I'll check email a bit tomorrow to make sure there's not something awfully wrong....