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Re: [equinox-dev] Start level and framework timestamps

By framework timestamp I assume you mean the one returned by the resolver/state API State.getTimeStamp(). The resolver/state does not care or know about the start-level information. The bundle start-level does not effect the resolution status of the State therefore it is not reflected in the timestamp of a State object. This type data is stored separately (in the .bundledata file) from the resolver/state cache. We do not currently expose any kind of timestamp on the persistent data stored in this file.

There are two types of intial start levels

1) The default bundle initial bundle start level. This is the default start-level used when a bundle is first installed into the framework. This value is persisted in the .bundledata file
2) The initial start-level used to launch the framework. This is not persisted and can be different each launch of the framework. It is also up to the framework how you specify the intial start-level of the framework when launching.


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[equinox-dev] Start level and framework timestamps


When at runtime the start level of a bundle is changed is that reflected in
a framework timestamp?
Likewise is the change of initial start level captured anywhere?



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