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[equinox-dev] RMI and Equinox


I have a problem in using the RMI method "rebind" in the start method
of my bundle. I have this source code :

// ---------------------------------------------------------
IMyObject myObject = new MyObject();
SecurityManager securityManager = null;
securityManager = new RMISecurityManager();
Naming.rebind("rmi://localhost:9090/testMyObject", myObject);
// ----------------------------------------------------------

This code works well in a normal Java Project and I have configured the
java.policy file with :

grant {
    permission java.security.AllPermission;

But in the equinox environment an Exception is thrown :

// -----------------------------------------------------------
java.security.PrivilegedActionException: java.rmi.ServerException: RemoteException occurred in server thread; nested exception is:
    java.rmi.UnmarshalException: error unmarshalling arguments; nested exception is:
    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: fr.itcs.exec.service.distinfra.rmi.IMyObject
// -----------------------------------------------------------

I read here : (http://www.eclipsecon.org/2007/index.php?page=sub/&id=3987) that there is a problem to integrate RMI in Equinox (ClassLoader problem), but it seems that there is a solution to apply manually ?

If anyone has more information or a solution, I will be pleased to hear it.
I also posted this message on the newsgroup eclipse.technology.equinox, I will forward any response to this newsgroup.

Thanks in advance.