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[equinox-dev] how to change the jetty port from 80 to other

Hello everybody,

I am new to the Equinox, I am coding a sample application by following
the article " Embedding an HTTP server in Equinox".

I coded a servlet and want to start a jetty server in Equinox. The
application uses a plugin "org.eclipse.equinox.http.jetty", and when
it started, I got a warning says 'binding listening port to 80
failed', because I am working in the linux and I am not the root, so
I need to tell the jetty plugin to use a new port such as 8080, but I
don't know how to config the jetty plugin to use the new port.

I checked the plugin source and found a file
'OSGI-INF/metatype/config.xml', there is a line like
"<AD id="http.port" type="Integer" default="0"/>",
but I think it's not a good idea to change source of the plugin just
for choose a different listening port.

any idea? thanks!

Best regards

Bob Yang