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Re: [equinox-dev] Best time to engage

Sounds great.  For getting started with the code see:


Thomas Hallgren <thomas@xxxxxxx>
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10/29/2007 10:09 AM

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Re: [equinox-dev] Best time to engage

Hi Jeff,

Jeff McAffer wrote:
> The main goal of M3 was to define what we actually want to do for 3.4.
>  While that is not completely documented (M3 is this week), we are
> largely on track to meet that goal.  The API will likely chanage
> somewhat over the next few milestones but you should not be afraid of
> that.  In fact, it is this kind of interaction (others trying p2 on
> their usecases) that will help shape the API.
Thanks. That answers my question. I think we will start working on the
integration next week. Do you have a team-project set or a releng-map
that can be used when populating the workspace with the p2 projects?

> It would be great to find out what you are planning on doing and how
> it goes.
My first steps will be to wrap my head around the new concepts and get a
good understanding of where it would make sense to connect. The first
implementation exercise is probably to write a provider that will enable
Buckminster to resolve and materialize using the p2 framework. I
envision something similar to our current implementation on top of
org.eclipse.update.core (this is what enables Buckminster headless to
extend itself with new features and also the base for some of the
functionality used in Ganymatic).

The bigger picture includes much more. I'd like for Buckminster to align
with some of the concepts that I really like in p2 (profile, touchpoint,
etc.) but I need to try it out and learn more first.

I'll keep you posted about my progress.

- thomas

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