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[equinox-dev] [p2] Wiki page reorg

The wiki pages for p2 have been reorganized. Page titles now generally start with the prefix "Equinox p2". There is also a new "Equinox p2" category for all wiki pages relating to the p2 work.  Categories in the wiki support multiple inheritance, so the "Equinox p2" category is a sub-category of both the "Equinox" category and the "Provisioning" category.  You now only need to add the one category tag at the bottom of the page, and it will be reachable from both of the parent categories. For example, if the page title is "Equinox p2 Blort", the bottom of the page should have:

[[Category:Equinox p2|Blort]]

The part after the pipe character is just used to alphabetize the list of pages on the category page. Here is the current index of Equinox p2 wiki pages: