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Re: [equinox-dev] Moving Service Activator Toolkit (SAT) from the Open Healthcare Framework (OHF) to Equinox


  From:       Patrick Dempsey <pd@xxxxxxxxxx>                          
  To:         Equinox development mailing list <equinox-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  Date:       09/26/2007 03:51 PM                                      
  Subject:    [equinox-dev] Moving Service Activator Toolkit (SAT) from the Open      Healthcare Framework (OHF) to Equinox

Currently the Service Activator Toolkit (SAT) in the Open Healthcare
Framework (OHF) technology project that is of great value to people
programming OSGi Applications.  SAT is a Java component that simplifies the
building of OSGi service-oriented bundles. It is approximately 8,000 lines
of Java code. By decreasing the complexity of OSGi bundle development, this
toolkit provides increased acceptance of OSGi in the device community. In
addition to making the use of OSGi services easier, it supports the
creation of well behaved bundles, reducing development time, reducing
training costs, and promotes consistent bundle behavior.  It seems that
this technology is somewhat misplaced and it would better serve the
community if it was part of the Equinox project.

I propose moving SAT from OHF to Equinox.  As this code is very stable,
robust and has been previously used in commercial products, I would ask
that it be reviewed for eligibility for moving in the graduated Equinox
bundles area, rather than the Equinox Incubator.

For reference SAT is in cvs at

There is also lots of good information (documentations, bug reporting,
downloads) at


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