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[equinox-dev] Ability to update from one version of the SDK version to another one


Earlier this week I had released an implementation of the
IDirector.replace() API on the director. Some simple tests were working
fine, however the replacement of a version of the SDK by another one turned
out to be more challenging that we'd hope because of the silly
implementation we have our dependency analysis mechanism (for the curious
it does not backtrack).
Today I'm happy to say that it is possible to install one version of the
SDK and then replace it by another one!
Of course this is just a first cut and there are some caveats that I will
fill in the next few days.

To be able to test this, you have to regenerate metadata. Note that now the
metadata generator application has a parameter -rootVersion which allows
you the specification of the version of the top level IU being generated.