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[equinox-dev] Reconciling two profiles


As we discussed on the call today, Tim and I have been working on a
Reconciler.  Pascal mentioned his contentiously-named become operation
in the Director.  This is very similar to what I wrote in our Reconciler
but now I'm at the stage where I want to "re-install" what was initially
in the "user" (for lack of better source/target mandatory/optional
terminology) profile.  Should we do just that:  re-install the IUs that
were previously there?  That would be simple and we could just use
Director.become and then a bunch of install operations.  But will this
mess up preferences or other things that may be stored in profiles?
What about stuff that was configured in the profile?  Ideally everything
would be the same as it was before except if it _needed_ to be changed
by the morphing of the underlying "base" profile.



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