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Re: [equinox-dev] [sec] JAAS framework dependency on Eclipse

The authentication code currently relies on extension points to contribute the JAAS artifacts, so I don't believe it will currently work in a pure OSGi environment.

Nothing is currently planned in this direction - primarily because no one has asked yet... Requirements (via bugzilla) and contributions are both welcome :)

Matt Flaherty
Security Project Lead, Lotus Notes & Eclipse Equinox

equinox-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 09/04/2007 09:33:34 AM:

> Hi all
> I'm looking for a way to leverage the authentication functionality
> provided by JAAS for an application running on Equinox (not depending on
> the rest of Eclipse). Is it possible to leverage the Equinox Security
> framework for this or is it necessary to use the (Eclipse specific)
> extension points it provides to use it? Or are there any plans on making
> it a "pure" OSGi bundle?
> Regards
> Arthur
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