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[equinox-dev] Equinox coding conventions

As more and more people are contributing to Equinox (Thanks!) we thought it would make sense to point out the Equinox coding conventions:


In some ways these sort of guidelines can show up as restricting one's freedom of artistic code formatting or variable naming _expression_. In practice however, having a common set of coding practices is one of the ingredients of our success. We have a large and growing body of committers in Equinox, and a much larger community looking in and trying to understand what we write.  Having common and consistent conventions makes our code easier to read and work with for everyone.

In particular, check out the section around formatter and compiler settings. These we should setup in each project so that everyone is seeing the same errors and formatting the same way. We're also going to experiment with enabling automatic formatting and code cleanup on save, so we can just forget about these issues and let the tools do the work.