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Re: [equinox-dev] [prov] new UI project in CVS

This is great.  Is the UI proposed specific to the SDK?  or tooling in general?  That is, would you envision this UI used in an RCP application?  Perhaps something more like prov.ui.user (in contrast to prov.ui.admin).


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08/18/2007 06:12 PM

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[equinox-dev] [prov] new UI project in CVS

There is a new UI project,

This project will contain the UI for the "update manager replacement UI."  It currently contains a placeholder contribution and dialog, but you will see it evolving over the next couple of weeks.  The split of the projects is done to separate shared provisioning UI stuff from any particular instance of a UI.

org.eclipse.equinox.prov.ui - contains the shared stuff
org.eclipse.equinox.prov.ui.sdk - contains the update manager replacement UI.  You'll see terminology such as "feature" etc. used in this UI...

org.eclipse.equinox.prov.ui.admin - remains the admin or developer UI, where you'll see terminology such as "IU", "Profile," etc.

org.eclipse.equinox.prov.ui.rcp - is the rcp version of the above.

If you are self hosting, then by default you'll have access to both UI's.  You can operate the admin UI from the provisioning perspective, and you can play with the SDK UI by going to Help>Software Updates (Incubation).  If you don't want the clutter of the multiple UI's, you can always deselect the UI project that you don't want to see from the workspace plug-ins that are loaded from your launch config.

I've updated the project sets and the map file.  I apologize if there is anything else I should have updated that I've forgotten...

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