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[equinox-dev] [prov] download strategy discussion

Just to let everyone know, there is an interesting discussion going on in
around how artifact repos are selected to supply an artifact in a given situation and then how the artifacts are processed when they are finally downloaded.  To summarize the flavour, what happens if you have two repos, one has Foo 1.1, the full version and the other has a tiny delta between Foo 1.0 and Foo 1.1.  How is the dialog structured such that the agent can choose between these two sources (hint, it is not always better to go for the smaller one) and say you do get the delta, how/when/who processes the delta together with the base (Foo 1.0 here) to get the desired result (Foo 1.1 here)?  

Anyway, that is the nature of the discussion.  Feel free to join in...