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Re: [equinox-dev] [prov] Ruminations on IDirector vs. ProvisioningHelper-like entity

I have the same concerns/questions as you pose here, you are just a day or so ahead of me....I am beginning to work on the UI that follows more of an update manager workflow in Eclipse.  The admin UI in M1 forced you to locate the IU you wanted and then select a profile.  The more typical use case, where you are looking to install/update from your profile, is my next task.  I've had the same low level concern (but had not yet investigated the code thoroughly) that you have to ask the code to do something before you can know what will be done.  I was wondering if the fact that you get pre and post notification events was going to help me, but I don't think it will.

So I'm hoping Pascal or someone can elaborate on this issue, as I'm about to face it myself and will have more to contribute to this conversation in a day or so....

>Currently the IDirector interface has two methods : install and uninstall.  In looking through the code of ProvisioningHelper and IDirector (SimpleDirector) I'm not sure as to the right way to >describe to the user the series of operations that would be performed in installing software X prior to actually initiating the installation.  I could duplicate similar code to what is found in >SimpleDirector using the ProfileInstallRegistry and DependencyExpander to determine what would be required