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[equinox-dev] [prov] Naming

Well, someone has to bring it up so....

As we have been documenting more and discussing the provisioning work with more and more people the fact that we don't really have a name for the provisioning work has become quite cumbersome.  We have to say things like "With the Equinox provisioning support..." etc.  We can't just take the term "provisioning" as we are not the only provisioning game in town (e.g., if we are provisioning, what is Maya?).  And even then, "provisioning" is long.  We need snappy!  Why?  'Cause we are snappy!  Before the current effort went public we had a round of discussion on names and, well, there were several suggestions but in the end we essentially decided to be the effort that had no real name to start.

So, without getting into a huge process or debate about it, we would like to informally solicit suggestions with the aim of coming to a conclusion by next Monday's conf call and executing the rename by M2.  We started a wiki page to capture any suggestions there may be.  See

Happy thinking