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[equinox-dev] Equinox, OBR and all that

Hello all

I'm trying to put together a basic system on top of Equinox that can 
install/update and activate bundles automatically.

I have something along the following lines in mind:

1. Equinox starts up.

2. My "install/update stuff" bundle is activated.

3. It figures out if there are any bundles to install.

3.1. It could poll a web server for a list of bundles.
3.2. It could install all the bundles available in an OBR.

4. Periodically, it can poll again, or be notified of new bundles by 
listening on a JMS topic or something along these lines.

Now, some questions:

1. Does a system like this exist already?

2. Does Equinox have an OBR service implementation? As far as I can 
tell, Apache Felix does. Should I be able to get their bundle going in 

3. If I can use the Apache Felix bundle, is there some process by which 
I can integrate it into Equinox so that it shows up in all the various 
Run configuration lists, etc. (i.e. make it easy to use from inside 
Eclipse)? Maybe I could just create a plugin project on top op the 
Felix OBR sources.

4. Is all the fancy stuff I saw in this EclipseCon presentation 
available in Eclipse 3.3? If not, how can I get it? :-)

Integrating OSGi Bundle Repository (OBR) inside Eclipse for Bundle 

4. Any other thoughts on tackling this kind of problem?

Thanks for your time.