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Re: [equinox-dev] Finding a running instance

Hi Jeff, Thomas, and Alexander,

I don't want to sound too much like a broken record, but someone has to be the ECF advocate. :)

The discovery API for ECF [1] (an API bundle...no implementation) is (by my definition) low overweight/low dependencies (i.e. the org.eclipse.ecf.discovery jar is 12K and it depends upon equinox common and CDC1.0/Foundation 1.0 only).  It can accomodate other providers (it already has zeroconf-based provider, one ECF committer has worked on impl using JXTA, we would love to use JINI to implement discovery, UPnP, etc), and there is a Google SOC student to do local-only service discovery provider for auto configuration:


This sounds like it might be immediately useful/relevant for Thomas' requirements...but I'm not completely sure.

I would guess that Alexander's discovery protocol implementation could/would also be implementable as an ECF discovery API provider, but as yet I don't know enough about it to say for sure.  If not, we would enhance the API to accomodate.  We would welcome such a contribution and collaboration, of course.  FWIW, I don't, however, think it's a great idea to have multiple projects all trying to define a service discovery API based upon their particular discovery protocol.



[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/ECF_API_Docs#Discovery_API

Jeff McAffer wrote:

As a point of interest, we have seen this kind of requirement in the provisioning world as well.  Something simple with low overhead makes sense...


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06/28/2007 03:53 PM

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[equinox-dev] Finding a running instance

we have a use-case where one app based on the Eclipse runtime would like
to discover other running applications, also based on the Eclipse
runtime, on the same machine. Does the Equinox OSGi layer contain some
kind of discovery mechanism that would make this possible? If not, does
anyone know of other projects that might have a solution or work in
progress to solve this?

Thomas Hallgren

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