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[equinox-dev] Re: Question for Equinox class loading experts

More from Andy:

I have tried using PackageAdmin.refreshPackages() to force  unlinking and
the Bundle to go away but that seems to be a fairly  destructive operation
which causes havoc for us. What I'm not sure of is whether someone is going
to tell me the behaviour is expected unless you call refreshPackages(). I
can see that it might be, although that's not very useful :(


On 6/28/07 10:41 AM, "Hal Hildebrand" <hal.hildebrand@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Forwarding this message from Andy Piper, from the Spring/OSGi mailing list.
> _____________
> We are seeing an issue in equinox whereby if we install a bundle,
> uninstall it and install it again the new bundle does _not_ get a new
> classloader if the bundle is leaking memory. I think it works ok if
> the old bundle's classes are all de-referenced, but in a complex
> system that's quite a tall order.
> We would expect the installation of a new bundle to _always_ result
> in a new classloader being created, the fact that it isn't seems like
> a bug to us.
> Note that if we use a different name when we install the bundle again
> we _do_ get a new classloader.
> Any comments from the equinox experts appreciated!
> Thanks
> andy