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Re: [equinox-dev] Re: A problem while using OSGI together with ActiveMQ!

On 22/06/07, Wang Zhu <transitwang@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
osgi> headers 39
Bundle headers:
 Bundle-Activator = producerapp.Activator
 Bundle-ClassPath = bin/
 Bundle-Localization = plugin
 Bundle-ManifestVersion = 2
 Bundle-Name = ProducerApp Plug-in
  Bundle-SymbolicName = ProducerApp
 Bundle-Vendor = Wang Zhu
 Bundle-Version = 1.0.0
 Import-Package = org.osgi.framework;version="1.3.0",osgiproducer
 Manifest-Version = 1.0

osgi> diag 39
initial@reference:file:MyProjects/ProducerApp/ [39]
  No unresolved constraints.

ok, so your ProducerApp bundle doesn't ask to import org.apache.activemq and no bundle appears to provide org.apache.activemq - which means that unless you have activemq classes in your bundle, or on the bootdelegation path, then there is no way for your bundle to access the activemq code...

BTW, have you looked at the various OSGi tutorials one the web, such as:


they all cover importing/exporting packages between bundles at some point.

osgi> packages org.apache.activemq No exported packages

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