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Re: [equinox-dev] How much effort has gone into developing Equinox

In short, you'd be a fool to start from scratch. :-)

People generally think they can make a simpler implementation for their own usage, which is generally true. But over time your use cases expand and you end up creating something just as complex to handle all of your use cases. If your issues are dynamic extensibility, then your best bet at this point is the OSGi framework, since it has thought about nearly all of the issues (although not solved all of them yet).

In addition, you can then choose from multiple implementations... (ahem, Apache Felix) ;-)

-> richard

John Arthorne wrote:

According to ohloh.net, 15 person years have gone into Equinox. This is a drastic underestimate, since Equinox is comprised of code from the original Eclipse platform project (2000 person years and counting), and various other code contributions. The ohloh figure only captures the core Equinox OSGi implementation, and not the various other equinox bundles that provide services on top:


As for install base, I'd venture a guess in the range of a hundred million. The Eclipse platform built on Equinox has millions of downloads a year, and then there are the hundreds of commercial and open source products built on it. This is a vast install space, including desktop apps, server-side apps, embedded apps, etc. You'll also find an equinox implementation or two in most linux distros. This is a pure guess - don't quote me on it.

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I'm building a case for using Equinox as opposed to in-house development of a plugin framework. Can someone given a reasonable estimate as to how many person hours have gone into the development of Equinox? Also, are there any estimates as to the number of Equinox installations that there are out there (i.e. deployment footprint)? This information would help to support my arguments for using Equinox.
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