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[equinox-dev] feature metadata and selection contexts

I released a set of changes to add feature based metadata generation and the inclusion of selection context information (e.g., osgi.os, ...) in profiles.  I ran the metadata generation, Test Director etc with success.  I also updated the self hosting code and am able to launch the provisioning console.   Some notes:

- This change affects the content of the metadata both in the repo and in the agent so you will have to regenerate the metadata and likely toss your agent data.  If you have been selfhosting, don't forget to delete the org.eclipse.equinox.prov.selfhosting dir in the relevant workspace METADATA area.

- I am experiencing a strange issue with the profile created when selfhosting.  It appears to be created etc but appears also to be empty.   The launch seems to work ok etc but the profile in the registry is empty of IUs.  I've had alot of trouble tracking this down and suspect that an exception is being eaten somewhere.  I'll work on it more tomorrow and see if the issue can be resolved.  Unfortunately I discovered this issue after releasing the code so it will be a bit hard to revert.  The issue should not affect most people.  If it does affect you, sorry for the inconvenience.