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[equinox-dev] Bundle Manifest processing and Manifest Localization


Currently manifest parser trims all manifest headers' values on load. In
most cases this doesn't make difference, because whitespaces are ignored
in all of the headers which have a meaning in OSGi. However, there is a
case, where the whitespace should make a difference.
This is the case of localized manifest headers. In this case the value
can contain spaces both in the beginning and in the end.
This is supported by the OSGi specification $3.10.2 Manifest Localization.

Another thing which I spotted was that the header name is trimmed too. I
didn't have time to examine what problems arise from that, but this is a
violation of the Jar manifest spec.

I wonder, first, do you plan to address these concerns? And second, is
there something particularly, which requires that the header name and
value are trimmed?

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