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[equinox-dev] Plugin project not appearing in console

Eclipse seems to be showing me an interesting "feature".

After changing from one development environment (Windows) to another
(Linux), but using a workspace with exactly the same projects, one of my
projects is not showing up in the console.

The interesting thing is that when typing "ss", Equinox simply skips
over where the bundle should be installed (see below -- bundle #1 is

I am able to install the exact same bundle manually using the "install"
command, so obviously there is no problem with the bundle itself.

However, it is really annoying to have to install this bundle manually
each time.

Any ideas how I can disable this "feature" so that my bundle actually
gets started at launch time?


ss output:

id	State       Bundle
0	ACTIVE      system.bundle_3.2.1.R32x_v20060919
2	ACTIVE      org.eclipse.equinox.servlet.api_1.0.0.v20060601
3	ACTIVE      org.eclipse.osgi.services_3.1.100.v20060601
4	ACTIVE      org.junit_3.8.1
5	ACTIVE      org.junit4_4.1.0.1
6	ACTIVE      org.ops4j.pax.logging.api_0.9.5.SNAPSHOT
7	ACTIVE      org.ops4j.pax.logging.jcl_0.9.5.SNAPSHOT
8	ACTIVE      org.ops4j.pax.logging.log4j_0.9.5.SNAPSHOT
9	ACTIVE      org.ops4j.pax.logging.service_0.9.5.SNAPSHOT
10	ACTIVE      org.ops4j.pax.wicket.service_1.0.0
11	ACTIVE      org.ungoverned.osgi.bundle.http_1.1.2