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[equinox-dev] How to copy maven dependencies into equinox target platform?

Hi all!

I am trying to build a small prototype application that uses Equinox framework embedded inside a servlet container (Tomcat). I have copied the bridge.war content into my application and this created that eclipse folder inside my WEB-INF folder.

I would like to create others osgi bundles as maven managed artifacts and create a dependency between the central web application (embedding equinox) and those bundles as maven dependencies.

My wonder is that: is there a way to easily deploy these bundles inside WEB-INF/eclipse/plugins folder using a maven plugin? Or I should create an ANT script that would do this for me?
I guess that equinox requires that all the bundles are in the eclipse/plugins folder, no?

Also, what about equinox artifacts being available in some maven repository? Which is the status right now?

Thanks a lot!