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[equinox-dev] ServiceListener ignored after Service Replacement


maybe this is just a stupid simple question, and I just don’t see the solution, if that’s the matter sorry for bothering you.


But here the scenario:


I have 2 bundles A and B, A is using a service exported and registered by B.  The Service object used in A is wrapped by a dynamic proxy for managing the service object and some synchronization issues. This proxy registers a Service listener, using the Context of Bundle A, to react on Service changes in B and there is the problem:


If bundle B gets uninstalled everything works fine, the Listener gets called on the UNREGISTERING Event, the service object in the proxy is freed, but if a new bundle B*, implementing and exporting the service exported by former B, is installed, the Listener doesn’t get called on the REGISTERED Event and so the Proxy cannot do its work and react to the again available Service. What do I miss? Is there any special filtering done in the equinox implementation?



Thomas Fischer