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[equinox-dev] How to determine which configuration directory is used by an Eclipse Instance


      I am writing an application to diagnose Eclipse Instances on the
User's computer. I am probing internal state of the configuration directory
since I can gather Bundle Information and find missing dependencies without
starting the Eclipse Instance.  I am interested to know how to determine
which configuration directory is associated with which Eclipse Instance. It
looks like the getLocation() method of the BundleDescriptor returns a path
but its "update@../" which looks like a relative path. So if I can figure
out which eclipse instance used a configuration directory, I may be able to
put the 2 together. However I cannot find any pointer in the configuration
directory back to the Eclipse executable. Do you know of any?


Aaron Cohen
Serviceability and Support Tools Developer
IBM/Rational Software
Email: amcohen@xxxxxxxxxx