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[equinox-dev] replaceable OSGi runtime again


I'm not very sure where this discussion should take place - here or
dsdp-ercp-dev mail list. I'm posting it here, because the previous
discussion was here and because equinox project should be interested in

So, there is a goal in eRCP project, described in short here:


Now I can see that we are almost there. However, there are two things,
which concern me:

1. update.configurator checks whether the org.eclipse.osgi bundle is in
ACTIVE state. I don't know if this is necessary. If this check is
needed, perhaps it should be replaced with something more decoupled like
checking for particular service?

2. core.runtime bundle require org.eclipse.osgi bundle. This was already
discussed. The conclusion was that it can't be fixed for now because of
the backward compatibility. However, here is one crazy idea, which is
not ideal, but it is a start:

core.runtime is modified to require org.eclipse.osgi and
equinox.supplement optionally and reexport them. This way, when you
deploy the core.runtime bundle, it will import the available bundle
(org.eclipse.osgi on Equinox and equinox.supplement on other frameworks)
and reexport it. The equinox.supplement's exports can be extended via
fragment manifest, so the adapter bundle can modify the supplement
bundle's class space to be roughly the same as org.eclipse.osgi class
space. This way, you should be able to deploy core.runtime without

Also I think that we should provide a document, describing how Eclipse
runtime can be deployed on other frameworks. This will ease the
integration of eRCP on devices where OSGi framework is already
available. Does such document already exist?

Because I hadn't chance to test anything those are things, which I was
able to spot by examining the current source tree. I will try to come
back with more details when I had a chance to run some code.

Kind regards,