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Re: [equinox-dev] Provisioning work area

The Buckminster team would like to be in on this too and we might have some resources to spare. While it's true that we are mostly about provisioning other things then the Eclipse runtime (we tend to leave that part to the update-manager :-) ), there are still many aspects of the development life-cycle where we find overlaps. We'd like to help with these things:

1. Establishing the full circle where an update manager can use a workspace as it's source. Like self hosting almost but with an update-site sitting in between.
2. Tasks (headless and embedded into the platform) that makes it very easy for anyone to create an update site.
3. "Dynamic" update managers that are able to bring things in from disparate sources (a serious face-lift of the current <archive> mechanism).
4. Defining the model(s) used for the process.

Kind Regards,
Thomas Hallgren

Ken Gilmer wrote:

Like Alex, I too have been saddened at times with Update Manager. My company has interest in this (specifically headless and resource constrained OSGi environments) project, and may be able to contribute time/resources. I'm currently a committer on the ECF project with Scott.
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