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Re: [equinox-dev] OSGi new startup policies

Jeff McAffer wrote:
> This is a good thread.  It would seem that we will have some
> compatibility issues to work through.  Of course, if someone has
> Eclipse-LazyStart then we can still start them automagically.  For
> people looking to get on the new/standard header though we should make
> it possible/easy.
> Perhaps there should be a bug opened to track this? (what release/build
> should we target for the changes?)  Here are some random thoughts about
> the scope of change
> - bundles installed by update.configurator
> - bundles installed by osgi.bundle
> - people looking at the state of bundles to decide what to do (e.g.,
> some people were previously looking and starting the bundle if it was in
> Resolved state).  Now they will not get quite what they 

If the bundle is RESOLVED and they want it started, call 
If the bundle is STARTING|ACTIVE then the bundle is already started and 
nothing needs to be done.

This is the same as before (except they can now use START_TRANSIENT to 
avoid altering the persistent autostart setting.)

> Jeff

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