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[equinox-dev] system bundle package exports


 I am new to equinox, and I'd like to port a utility I am currently building for
signing and publishing bundles on the platform.
 I need to export some extra packages from the system bundle.
However, when I add package export to the 'J2SE-1.5.profile' file, they do not
appear to be exported inside the platform (they do not appear in the console
when I type 'packages 0'). How can I make them available ?

 Moreover, I have not found where the '*.profile' file to be used is selected.
Is it done according to the jvm version ?

thank for the information

Pierre P.

Pierre Parrend
doctorant, moniteur
laboratoire CITI, 21, Av. Jean Capelle
69621 Villeurbanne Cedex