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[equinox-dev] Initial transforms commit into the incubator

I've checked in some initial work on transformations into the equinox incubator. Instead of providing a transformation service (and re- implementing the bundle wrapper framework on top of itself essentially) I've instead created some abstract base classes that make implementing your own transforming bundle wrapper easier. Included are five new projects.

The main addition is org.eclipse.equinox.transforms. In here you'll find abstract base classes for transforming bundle factory hook as well as transforming bundle file wrappers. Writing transformers using these classes is as simple as writing a method that wraps an input stream with a new input stream. Included are some utility classes for wrapping system processes as transformers as well as pipes that make translating output streams to input streams easier. These are rather sloppily implemented at the moment (Threads out the Wazzoo) but should get better over the next few days). In addition to the bare bones baseclass there is also a baseclass that is able to read CSV files in the form:

bundle regex pattern, path regex pattern, transformation resource

Using this baseclass you are able to create transformers that are extensible via CSV content located in any extension bundle.

On top of this base implementation I've provided two transformer implementations: XSLT and SED. The code that handles these transformations is in org.eclipse.equinox.transforms.xslt and org.eclipse.equinox.transforms.sed respectively and data to drive them is in org.eclipse.equinox.transforms.xslt.plugin and org.eclipse.equinox.transforms.sed.manifest. The XSLT example will make the UI Working Sets action set invisible by default whereas the SED example changes the name of the Package Explorer to Java Package Explorer and updates the MANIFEST.MF with a custom version string.

You can see these examples by checking out all 5 above mentioned projects as well as the org.eclipse.osgi project (I've tested against 3.2 but it should work fine against 3.3) and launching the Transform Launch.launch config found in org.eclipse.equinox.transforms.

Things I plan on doing in the next few days:
	look into caching the result of the transformations between sessions
	removing the dependency on non-exported hook API
	remove Thread spawning in the pipe/wrapper classes
	clean up synchronization
	add code to profile transformation times

If anyone has time to look at what's in there I'd appreciate any input.