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[equinox-dev] About CM


     I used CM to realize system's configuration,I think the design
of CM is not very suitable for enterprise application.
     The core key element of CM is formed by Service.PID &
BundleLocation,according to this,configuration only can be got with
this two element,but in enterprise application,we often have common
configuration,just like one port configuration need to be used in two
bundles,with CM,we must managed this common configuration separate in
two bundles.From this point,I think CM not suitable for application
      Because CM used Service.PID & Bundle Location as key,when I
moved my bundle to other path,its configuration lost,and cann't be set
again,is this the bug of equinox or the question of CM?
      I think CM need do something to make it more useful for
application level configuration.

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