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[equinox-dev] Re: Problem Running 'org.eclipse.osgi' in development mode inside eclipse

Analyzing again it seems that is unable to find manifest.fm for system
bundle (i am running an unpacked version of system bundle). I get:

Caused by: org.eclipse.osgi.service.pluginconversion.PluginConversionException:
Could not find a META-INF/MANIFEST.MF, plugin.xml or a fragment.xml in

so how to run Equinox inside Eclipse directly from sources?

On 11/19/06, Piero Campanelli <pierocampanelli@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am running bndle 'org.eclipse.osgi' directly from Eclipse (I am
digging into the source code). But I am unable to start it. It gives
me the following exception:

!ENTRY system.bundle 4 0 2006-11-19 19:29:10.378
org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Exception in
of bundle system.bundle.
        at org.eclipse.osgi.framework.internal.core.BundleContextImpl.startActivator(BundleContextImpl.java:1018)

Analyzing the cause I obtained that the problem is at:
StateManager.java (method readSystemState): problem is that stateFile
is wrong. It points at:


but under Windows '.state.0' is an invalid file name.

I think I have some mis-configuration about environment.


Piero Campanelli